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Meenakshi Temple ~ Wedding of Shiva and Parvati Madurai, India, January 2018

Temples of India, so much history and so much beauty!

Deniz Dikmen Blue

India – what a colorful and complex country , such a deep and old culture , a deep and complex religion like the Hinduizm – so many layers of impressions that it is not so easy to understand and to express or describe but I will try to do it.

We are in Tamil Nadu region in the City of Madurai and on todays programme we have the visit to the famous Hindu Meenakshi Amman Temple . It is one of our first days in India and we are just trying to get used to the people , the climate and the surrounding as everything is very different.


We meet at the East Tower at 08.00 o clock in the morning – the ancient shops on the other side are still closed but the human traffic of the worshippers and visitors in the temple started already.

We need to take…

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The Sweet Side of Portugal

I love these and never knew what they were called or where they originated from!


Pastel de nata (plural: Pastéis de nata) is a Portuguese egg tart pastry and one of Portuguese’s most famous desserts. Also called as Pastéis de Belém, the name literally means cream tarts in English. Portugal has been seat of much revolution in Europe, and the story of the origin of the Pastel de nata forms a small part of it.


At the beginning of the 19th century in Belém, next to Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, (the Heironymite Monastery), there used to be a sugar refinery with an attached general provisions store. In 1834, Portugal had gone through the 1820 Liberal Revolution, as a result of which all convents and monasteries in in the country were shut down and the clergy and labourers were expelled.


Fighting for survival, someone from the monastery began offering pastries for sale at the General Provisions store next door. These pastries soon became very popular and began being known as Pastéis de Belém…

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Dear Food Blogger,

Sharing these sentiments about food blogging. It’s not just about the free food and followers! Have a read…

Ticker Eats the World


Full disclosure – bloggers like to say this, it makes them feel righteous – I am a food blogger too. It’s best to take the cat out of the bag up front.

So, you can consider this as one of those “what would I tell my younger self” type letters that people write – although in my case, my younger food blogger self came into existence only last year.

Better yet, how about calling this an “Open Letter to All Food Blogger”? That got your attention didn’t it? I knew it. Everybody loves an Open Letter.

Here’s the thing though, it doesn’t take much to become a food blogger in this day and age. I should know. Unfortunately, for many it’s become a way to get a free meal. “Will write for food” if you may.

Now, we can’t just blame food bloggers here because let’s face it, the food…

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Restaurant Review – Indian Summer

My mum (Mumma Bear) and I usually do the mother-daughter thing around month end. We choose a weekday (less busy) to pay our accounts, get some shopping done and eat a nice meal - just us two. Today we visited La Lucia Mall and I was in the mood for something Paneer! Mumma Bear usually… Continue reading Restaurant Review – Indian Summer


Healthy Comfort Food Series – Apple Pecan Pie Oatmeal

Apple Pecan Pie Oatmeal (gluten free, high fiber, healthy)   A delicious bowl of Apple Pecan Pie Oatmeal that’s as good as dessert, but it’s healthy too! A delicious bowl of oatmeal that's as good as dessert, only healthy! Author: Nisha @ honeywhatscooking Recipe type: Breakfast/Oatmeal Cuisine: American Ingredients for the topping Ghee - 1… Continue reading Healthy Comfort Food Series – Apple Pecan Pie Oatmeal

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Movie Review – Padmaavat

Padmaavat - The Goddess Queen When a movie is surrounded by protests and death threats, you know it going to be epic! And in my personal opinion, Padmaavat was nothing short of epic; however, some things about the movie are controversial Here’s why:   Cast & Performances Hats off to Ranveer Singh for his portrayal… Continue reading Movie Review – Padmaavat

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Stoke Travel Ambassador

I'm a Stoke Travel Ambassador! With their tagline being “Party travel for the open-minded international”, it’s not hard to guess what Stoke Travel is all about! Yes – it’s definitely all about the uninterrupted-uninhibited party adventure one can ask for. Designed for the younger generation, Stoke Travel is a favourite among the budget traveler, backpacker… Continue reading Stoke Travel Ambassador


Healthy Comfort Food Series – Quick Chicken Curry with Veggies

This is a family friendly curry recipe and the 3 tablespoons of red Thai curry paste can be reduced if you think it will be too much but I deliberately have not made this super spicy so it should be just fine.  I’ve included some optional extra spices for those who like it hot so… Continue reading Healthy Comfort Food Series – Quick Chicken Curry with Veggies

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Sand Cloud Ambassador

I am a Sand Cloud Ambassador!   Sand Cloud is an organization aimed at saving marine life by donating 10% of their profits towards their aim. According to Wikipedia, Sand Cloud was founded in San Diego, CA in 2014 by Steven Ford, Brandon Leibel, and Bruno Aschidamini. At first the brand started with the single product,… Continue reading Sand Cloud Ambassador


Healthy Comfort Food Series – Mango Chipotle Quinoa Bowl

Mango Chipotle Quinoa Bowl   Let's start off the new year with a healthy and delicious quinoa bowl! INGREDIENTS Salad Ingredients 1/2 cup uncooked quinoa 100 gr, rinse with warm water 1 cup water + more for rinsing 40 gr pumpkin seeds 1/2 tsp extra virgin olive oil 1/4 + 1/8 tsp sea salt 1/4… Continue reading Healthy Comfort Food Series – Mango Chipotle Quinoa Bowl